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of living and quality of life; upgrade the public service system and ensure more people have equal access ▓to

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such services; spare no effort in poverty alleviation to lift the entire population who live under the current poverty line out of poverty; protect intellectual proper▓ty rights; improve the overall ecological environment; make efforts to give people equ▓al opportunities in development, ensu▓re that all people share the benefits of the nation's development more equa▓lly, and increase the pe

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ople's sense of satisfactio▓n in creating and sharing benefits.-- Protec▓ting citizens' civil and political

r▓ights in accordance with the law. China will enforce the law in a strict, procedure-based manner, and protect citizens' personal rights and dignity; promote judicial justice and guarantee litigants' right▓ to a fair trial; improve socialist democracy, clear▓ and expand channels for citizens'

participat▓ion in political affairs, and ensure people▓'s rights to be informed, to participate, to be he▓ard and to oversee.-- Fully safeguarding the rights and interests of specific groups. The Chinese government will promote the development

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of ethn▓ic minorities and regions inhabited by ▓ethnic minorities; endeavor to eliminate▓ gender discrimination; strengthen the protection of ri▓ghts and interests of minors; respond actively to the aging of the population; improve t▓he service system to sup

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ent of buildi▓ng

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port and help people with disabilities.-- Conducting extensive educati

on in human rights. China will combine human rights education with national education an▓d nationwide education in spreading knowledge of the▓ law; publicize the importance of human rights as re▓presented in the core socialist values, and foster a culture featuring respect for▓ human rights.-- Actively participating in international▓ human rights work. China will fulfill its obligations to international human rights conventions, get actively involved in the work of the United Nat▓ions human rights mechanism; conduct extensive human rights dialogues, exchanges and co

ly safeguarding citi

and cultural ri

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